Thursday, 28 January 2016

Muhle Double Edged Blades

This blade was the one which came with my Muhle R89 safety razor and was the first blade I used. Ever. That may sound odd in a review as I have nothing to compare it to, but hear me out. Maybe this blade is harsh? Maybe it works out too expensive per blade? At the point of testing I had zero frame of reference. Unperturbed, I jumped right in.


My single blade didn't come in such a nice little plastic box as shown above. Mine was in a plain little wrapper, in amongst the instruction book for the R89. It would actually have been very easy to throw away with the bumf.

The blade itself centres very well in the holder and seems of decent enough quality. Edge exposure is good and even on both sides and the short edges protrude enough on the R89 to make any minor centring adjustments easy during tightening. The markings on the blade are subtle with just the Muhle branding and "Shaving Culture" written on it in native German.

With hindsight I can look back on the shave experience of this blade and comment a little better than I may have done first hand. At the time, especially on shave #1, I was extremely nervous of cutting myself with all the new apparatus laid out in front of me. I took it slow and easy over the course of my first ever three pass shave and walked out the other side intact with no nicks, cuts, or weepers. Success!!
The shave was good. No WOW! moments yet, but that would come. There was minimal drag and no real tugging even after 3 full days of growth. The blade was smooth and not the slightest bit aggressive. I found the finish on my neck and cheeks to be excellent, and around the goatee area to be good, but not "Baby Butt Smooth" as the septics like to say. This was normal for me, I assumed this was how close a shave you could ever hope to achieve. Afterwards I observed no razor burn or irritation - overall a glowing report!

I managed 4 full shaves (12 passes) before I noticed the edge to be dulling. Hell, I was happy with this after my years on cartridge razors: getting around 6-7 shaves but for a considerably higher price per shave. I would certainly be interested in buying another pack of these blades given my current experience level and confidence in DE shaving. I do believe that Muhle made an excellent decision to bundle this blade with their entry level razor. It certainly didn't put me off DE shaving which happened to one of my close friends, prompting him to give away the remainder of his blade stash.

So the facts:

  • Blade: Muhle Double Edge Safety Blade
  • Cost per blade: Unknown - bundled with safety razor
  • Cost per shave: Unknown - see above
  • Place of manufacture: Germany (I think)
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Average Shaves/Blade: 4
  • Aggressiveness: Not even remotely aggressive.

Smooth Operator - Team Muhle

  • Safety Razor Used: Muhle R89 Closed Comb
  • Soap Used: Palmolive Classic Shave Stick. 

Thanks for reading if you made it this far down. Next time I'll be reviewing a blade which splits popular opinion online but which Auld Bob deems "awright" - the Derby Extra Super Stainless.



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